Meet Our Staff


Dr. Lyndon Graves, O.D. - Founding Owner
Mark Cooley - CEO
Lance Graves - Owner
Tania - Office Manager/New Patient Generaion
Sharon - Marketing Manager
Angie - Controller
Tim - Accounting
Pat - Billing Manager
Nicky - Billing
Joy - Billing/Clerical
Linda - Optical Department Manager
Sherry - Optical Department
Jessica - Intake/Insurance
Laurie - Medical Records
Mary - Scheduling Assistant
Lucy - Regional Manager
Sue – Regional Manager
Krystal - Regional Manager
Brian - Regional Manager/Business Development
Sandy - New Patient Coordinator
Tracie - IT Manager



Colorado Springs Area                                
Dr. Cindy Martin, O.D.                                                                  

Denver Area                                     
Dr. Douglas Streifel, O.D.
Tech: Asia
Asst: Amia

Northern Denver Area                                
Dr. Ann Metzger, O.D.
Asst: Mary
Asst: Jennifer

Fort Collins/Boulder Areas                         
Dr. Grant Schaneman, O.D.
Asst: Cheryl


Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Davenport Areas                    
Dr. Heather Nguyen, O.D.
Asst: Sheri

Western Iowa Area
Dr. Frank Dozon, O.D.
Asst: Tiffany

Des Moines Area
Dr. Matthew Ward, O.D.
Asst: Sheila

Dr. Whitney Jensen, O.D.


Baton Rouge/Lafayette Areas                                      
Dr. Patrick Tate, O.D.
Asst: Tori
Asst: Brianna

New Orleans Area                                      
Dr. Jennifer Moncada, O.D.
Asst: Trina


Dr. Lisa Barry, O.D.
Tech: Michael
Asst:  Cia

Dr. Melissa David, O.D.
Tech:  Ashley
Asst: Crystal

Dr. Ben Dietrich, O.D.
Tech:  Ashley
Asst:  Crystal

Dr. Scott Ecengarger, O.D.
Tech: Lindsey
Asst: Jamie

Dr. Randy U'Ren, O.D.
Tech:  Ashley
Asst:  Crystal

Dr. Steven Voci, O.D.
Tech:  Ashley
Asst:  Crystal


Omaha/Lincoln and Eastern NE                                         
Dr. Lyndon Graves, O.D.
Tech:  Jeanine

Dr. Frank Dozon, O.D.
Asst: Tiffany


Las Vegas Area
Dr. Doris Wong, O.D.
Tech: Brenda
Asst: Shawn


Portland/Salem Areas
Dr. Gregory G. Kautz, O.D.

Portland/Vancouver, WA Areas
Dr. Vitaliy Pelikhatyy, O.D.
Asst: Deb


Salt Lake City Area                                     
Dr. James David, O.D.
Asst: Kathy


Southern Virginia/Richmond Areas
Dr. Tucker VanDyck, O.D.

Western Virginia Area
Dr. Jill Barksdale, O.D.
Asst: Erin

Tide Water Area                                          
Dr. Susan Pietrowski, O.D.
Asst: Tammi
Asst: Omberlee

Northern Virginia/Washington D.C.
Dr. Lyndon Graves, O.D.


Seattle Area                                      
Dr. Mark Cannon, O.D.
Asst: Susan
Asst: Shelby

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